ALD Premium Point.
Service excellence
for your mobility.

An area dedicated to you, where you can ask
for assistance and get advice on all the services
offered by ALD for your mobility.

The ALD Assistance Network.
The quality of our services
for all your travels.

For all maintenance work, put your trust in the ALD Automotive
assistance network: over 10,000 participating centers
always at your service.

Our quality assistance always travels by your side.

With a network of over 10,000 participating centers, ALD handles the maintenance and repair of your vehicles. Go to our garages, body shops, tire shops and window experts: here you will always find the highest quality service, guaranteed by ALD Automotive, to make your mobility worry free.

ALD Premium Point: service excellence for your mobility.

The ALD Premium Point assistance network consists of highly qualified centers, selected by ALD to provide premium maintenance service and personalized commercial advice to meet your every need.

Why you should choose this service:

Locations throughout Italy

The Premium Points are located all across Italy, with assistance service closest to your needs.

Quality Service

Excellent maintenance services offered, for a comprehensive service experience.

Prompt Service

An assistance center with a dedicated staff for responding promptly your requests.

Commercial advice

An area where you can discover all the advantages of an exclusive consultation service dedicated to your mobility.

Find the Premium Point closest to you and discover the entire ALD assistance network

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