Le Ricariche

Ricarica Special Summer Top-Up.
Start out your summer with
a load of kilometers.

The top-up with 1000 or 2000 kilometers is back,
add more kilometer to your holidays.

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<strong>Ricarica Special Summer Top-Up.</strong><br/>Start out your summer
                          with<br/> a load of kilometers.

Ricarica Special Summer Top-Up

The top-up that brings you on holiday has arrived. This summer choose to leave for your holidays with Ricarica Special Summer top-up, the top-up that adds more kilometers to your summer.

Ricarica Share Top-Up

Have you ever considered to share the kilometers of your Top-Up? With Ricarica Share Top-Up now it‘s possible. For you, 500 and 1000 kilometers to share with other Ricaricar customers through the My ALD or the My ALD app.

Ricarica Start&Go Top-Up

It’s now available the Ricarica that gives you the freedom to decide when to activate it and to set up the activation date throught the My ALD calendar.

Ricarica Weekend Top-Up

The solution for those who love to live fully their weekends. Use a Ricarica Weekend Top-Up to choose the mileage you need and set off with complete peace of mind.

Ricarica Standard Top-Up

If you use up your monthly kilometers in advance or you want to increase them, your best option is to buy 100, 200 and 500 km Ricarica Standard Top-Ups. And now, a great new offer: try the Maxi 800 km Ricarica Standard Top-Up and make all the trips you want.