Electric mobility

  • What is the Box Station?

    It is the electric device designed for home charging of electric vehicles. It is installed on a wall in a private place such as the car owner' s garage or parking space and has the following features.

    • Supports two standard connectors: type 3A (Scame) and type 2 (Mennekes) outlets.

    • Both outlets allow the use of a single phase, with a maximum consumption of 16A at 230V, for a power of 3.3 kW.

    • It handles one recharge at a time; i.e. both sockets cannot be used at the same time.

    • The average charging time for an electric car with a capacity of 20 kWh is about 7 hours.

    • As most electric cars are equipped with an AC power system, the same type used in homes, and charging with a Box Station is very convenient.

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