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ALD Carsharing is the formula to create your company fleet of vehicles in shared mode among employees and offers you a dedicated technological platform to manage reservations, rentals and invoices via web and app.

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Efficient mobility for your company and the environment.

With ALD Carsharing optimize the mobility of your people, offering an innovative service that helps to contain costs and respect the environment.

Using ALD Carsharing is easy.

Sign up

The fleet manager invites drivers to register on the ALD Carsharing platform. Once registered, the driver receives a personal PIN.


The driver can book via the web and via the app. Choose between private and business use, enter the day and time of start and end of the rental, select the type of vehicle and confirm the reservation.

Start the journey

The driver enters his PIN on the ALD Carsharing app to open the doors and start the rental. Through the app, it evaluates the status of the car's interior and exterior.

End of rental

The driver leaves the vehicle in the car park, with the keys inside, and confirms the end of the rental on the app. After a few seconds, the car closes.

A company benefit even for free time.

ALD Carsharing offers your employees a flexible solution for every job or non-business trip. Because Carsharing vehicles are also available during free time and at weekends for personal use.

Business + Privato

Drivers and fleet managers: benefits compared

Benefici per il manager

For the fleet manager

Optimize the use of unassigned cars. Greater flexibility in travel. Reduce administrative costs and the total cost of mobility. Monitor savings.

Benefici per il driver

For the driver

Reduce private travel costs. Have a company benefit always available. Greater opportunity and flexibility for private travel. Respect the environment.

E-go flotta caricatori

Union makes the difference.

Ald Carpooling allows colleagues from the same company to share a trip to work or for personal use.
In case of private use of the service, the cost of the trip will be shared among the participants based on the actual time of use.
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App e Web

Lots of parking lots are better than one.

With Multiparking service, each driver has the possibility to close his Carsharing trips in a parking lot other than the opening one. The opening and closing car parks can be company car parks or public car parks located in areas of strategic interest for the company (e.g. airports, railway stations, etc.).



We would like to inform you that due to the national health emergency, all of our employees will now be working from home. All of your requests can be sent to the following email address servizio.clienti@aldautomotive.comor made directly on the MYALD platform found on this site. All requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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