The new energy of your company.

With ALD Green the electric also arrives in your company. Discover our commitment and our solutions for sustainable mobility.


A new model of mobility.

Today more and more companies are aiming to reduce the impact of mobility on the environment. Thanks to the innovative ALD Automotive solutions, today you can also have a 100% electric fleet with all the services included for the management of vehicles and contracts.

100% electric long-term rental

It’s the formula that offers insurance, maintenance and breakdown service and all the services always included in the rental fee. Moreover, you can decide whether to include in the fee the vehicle-charging infrastructure, to be installed in the company or at the driver's home.

100% electric Carsharing

You have a digital platform for shared use of the electric fleet. A solution designed to manage travel in a more flexible way and to reduce consumption and mobility costs.
Find out more about ALD carsharing .

Gain more benefits with green mobility.

Take advantage of the Ecobonus

Save on the rental fee thanks to the economic incentives for electric vehicles.

Tax relief

Benefits of tax deductions for the installation of recharging infrastructures.

An example for all

The commitment to environmental issues improves the image of your company.

Less consumption

With the same number of kilometers traveled, electric charging is cheaper than with super petrol and diesel.

Freedom of movement

Electric vehicles have free access to the LTZs and stay for free inside the blue lines.

Full autonomy

A state-of-the-art electric vehicle can travel up to 500 km on one full tank.


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