Why pay for kilometers you don' t drive?

With RicariCar you have a vehicle that' s all yours, and you pay only for the kilometers you travel. The lease lasts 36 months, without any deposit or final balloon payment, and provides for a variable monthly fee based on how many km you want to drive. And ALD Automotive services are always included.


Choose your vehicle

You have a new vehicle for you and you can choose between cars, scooters and minicars.


Add monthly km

Choose the pack that suits you with 300, 500 or 800 km per month included.


Top up your km

Whenever you need it, increase the miles by purchasing a top-up online.

The right road for the environment,
the right kilometers for you.

You get a new car with no deposit and without a balloon payment,
with a mileage package tailored to how much you drive.

Ricaricar E-go