• What is included in the insurance package?

    Third-party motor-vehicle insurance (Responsabilità Civile Auto)

    Insurance covers driver's injury to the following risks:

    • Maximum price of 25.000.000 € for damages to third parties, including passengers and family members in the vehicle, excluding the driver.

    • Extension of warranty for damages due to circulation in private areas, including airports’ areas.

    • Extension of the coverage of the risk of circulation for vehicles that carry a trailer also for damages due to the latter.

    • Extension of the liability for involuntary damages to third parties by passengers while driving.

    • Extension (only for commercial vehicles) for damages to third parties happened during the operations of loading and unloading of the vehicle, as long as these operations were not carried out with mechanical means.

    • Validity for the territory of the Republic of Italy, Vatican City, Republic of San Marino and the States of the European Union plus all the other States that are part of the Green Card system, of which the international initials are not marked.

    • Penalty for passive or collective accident as it is specified on the lease agreement of the ordered vehicle.

    Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I)

    Insurance that covers the injury of the driver for the following risks:

    • Death;

    • Permanent disability (valuation of the I.P. percentage degree based on the table attached at the D.P.R. of June 30th 1965 n. 1124 and following modifications);

    • Reimbursement of treatment expenses (only when the I.P. is entitled to compensation);

    • Insured capital and I.P. allowances as indicated on the offer letter of location.

    Other damages to the vehicle:

    Fire and Theft Policy

    • Comprehensive of Theft and Third Party liability in case of fire.

    • Penalty for theft and robbery as it is specified on the lease agreement of the ordered vehicle.

    Vehicle Damages

    • All vehicles damages, including vandalism and special events.

    • The damages on the rented vehicle are subject to a penalty for each single event attribute to the Client as it is specified on the lease agreement of the ordered vehicle.

    Special Events

    • Hail, Tornado, Flood, Strikes, Riots, Revolts and similar events.

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