Do you have a used car? Use it for the last time.

Bring your vehicle in ALD Automotive, buy it at the value of Quattroruote and, if you want, you can lower the installment or collect the amount.

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Give up your old car for a new idea of ​​mobility.

As an ALD Automotive customer you live your mobility freely, because we take care of everything: starting from the purchase of your old car to the value guaranteed by Quattroruote.

Porta veicolo

bring the vehicle

It is fine even if the owner of the vehicle is different from the holder of the new contract.


Cash in or down

Choose whether to receive the amount by bank transfer or use it to reduce the amount of the monthly fee.

Ferma il tempo

Stop the time

Even without your own car, freeze your insurance class for 5 years.


Leave immediately

The collection of used items is immediate and, pending the chosen vehicle, we give you a substitute.


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